Entering into North American Markets: Professional Advice from Local Experts

When in Rome, do as the Romans do

What makes difference in overseas market expansion is how well you are adjusted to your target market in your thinking, perspectives, and strategies. Your local partners can help you understand the local culture and how the business works in the market.

Getting advice from local professionals who have the first-hand experience in your target market is also a crucial aspect of your market research. The more information about your target customers, competitors, and markets you have, the more confidently and accurately you can make strategic decisions.

Satomi International Marketing provides assistance in finding and arranging interviews with local professionals suitable for your business’ needs. Details will be provided at the time of your free initial consultation but feel free to ask us any questions.


  1. Determine what information needs to be obtained
  2. Select a type(s) of professionals to be interviewed
  3. Decide a means to interview the professionals
  4. Set up appointments with the professionals
  5. Implement interviews with the professionals
  6. Create a marketing strategy based on the interview results
  7. Evaluate as you implement the strategy and adjust as necessary

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